• 7 months ago

I’ll just say this, as a blanket statement – I don’t blame you for anything that happened, if anything, you remind me more of me than I am comfortable with. I have thought about you every single day since we met just over a year ago, and I have so much to be sorry for. You met me at the very end of the old me, and you are the catalyst for which I progress forward. When I think about you, it’s about where we would be right now, if I hadn’t messed it all up. Mind you, I do realize I am not the right guy for you so in the end it’s a futile effort. I guess all I’m trying to say is you are truly incredible. You are someone I adore, and idolize, in a wonderful way still to this point, and forever will. You are doing just fine, as we all are, those who continue to hurdle through this life. I see your posts but I’m careful to keep distance enough that I miss all the good daily stuff… woe is me haha. Just.. thank you, so much for our time together. It was so meaningful to me.

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