• 7 months ago

I feel like my heart is breaking. I’ve been married to the only woman I’ve been with sexually. She was not the same, and sewer her ‘wild oats’ while she was in the Navy. Our sex life has gotten stale, she seems put upon when we do, and will often time see any excuse to end it. Recently she came home all bubbly and excited about getting hit on by her coworker. I’ve never seen her excited like this, at least not with me. She shaved and manicured herself for this woman in ways she has never done for me, traded pics (until after this never did w me), and I’m so heartbroken to realize that I was just a placeholder for her next fling. Just a nothing that doesn’t matter. She ultimately didn’t go through with it, not because of me, but because of our kids. I feel numb, betrayed, cast aside…hurt. I can’t even talk to her because she twists it around to be my fault if I do. I’ve given up family for her, friends, jobs, so much just to stay with her, and this is what I get?!? I never ask for sexual favors because she “doesn’t like it” but I’ll be damned if I don’t do for her what she won’t for me. 18 years. 18 fucking years I have stayed true to her. And now this.

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