• 7 months ago

There is this woman I knew, one way or another she needs to realize I am not looking for her, I don’t want anything I do with her now, and if she wants to get on with her life and not be alone, she can date and be with anyone she wants but if you want to start the relationship off in a healthy way, IF, I don’t know I personally think she likes the distinction and she will say it was me in turmoil but it was always stirred by her, and when I called down and tried to steer away from it, that was when she was done. If she wants something healthy, she can’t start it off by getting it through me or a connection to me. If I catch it, I will do my best to damage and destroy it. I’m not poking for her, but if you come to me, I will bash it in with a sledge hammer. Keep it away from me and me away from it or I will make sure it fails.

It’s not hard, there are plenty of people out there

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