• 9 months ago

It’s been 6 months and i can’t forget about her. I feel she is perfect for me.i feel i can do anything for her and i can give her every happiness in this world.She had me forget a girl who i once loved for 8 years, and it happened all in a moment when i met her.we spent good , memorable 7 days together and got to know about each other so well. Those 7 days were the beautiful part of my life.it was then when i found out she is in love with someone else for 6 years. And i just can’t bear it. I can’t even confess my love to her. I just had to swallow it like a poison.I want her so bad that every moment from our first meeting i think about her.i can do anything if she were to be with me.But i just feel this pain she loves someone else. And i feel good for her. But i just can’t bear this pain of atleast confessing her my love for her. I’ve never seen anyone like her and i think i don’t want to. I just want her so bad, i hope god sees it all and makes it all right. I love her. And will always do.

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