• 9 months ago

I’m so disappointed and frustrated with my situation. I just turned 16 two days ago and got a lot of money for my birthday. I can’t get a job no matter how hard I try and my mom is a single parent trying hard to make ends meet with a small child support check from my dad to help out. There’s this game that I wanted for a really long time and the B2P version of it was released today, but right before I could buy it my mom told me she needed to borrow my money. All my friends are playing it without me right now and I’m scared that they’ll get bored of it by the time I finally get it and I’ll have to play alone. I’m just so angry because I NEVER get any money. The only money I get is usually from art commissions that I sell online and the $20 my mom occasionally puts in my bank account every couple of months. I’ve been trying really hard to get a job since I was 14 and have had no luck. I don’t blame my mom or anything and I know that she tries her best, but I’m just so bummed out and frustrated because this is how it’s been for the past 2 years. I know this makes me sound like a spoiled brat and I know that other people deal with situations far worse than this but it doesn’t make it any less sucky.

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