• 8 months ago

Knowing you was the best things that ever happend in my life, our short term relationship was the best feelings that i ever received from any man that i used to have relationship with, you’re the best, the most sincere and i totally can feel it, loving you was not a mistake, loving you is a miracle unexplain feelings no words can describe it, feel like a magic, your soothing voice really touch my heart, you words, your love words full of affection and love, i pray to god every each of my solat, i pray may Allah destiny us to meat each other, eyes to eyes and heart to heart, i miss you so much and i always pray to god that He will always protect each of your step, ease your daily business and long term business, and of course you rezki, i love you so much, i don’t mind if you love someone or someone love you i don’t give a damn because i trust Allah plan and i believe one fine day we gonna bump into each other, yes i really really trust Allah’s plans, i know why every man that i try to flirt all of them rejected me, i know why my relationship after broke up with you didn’t survived because i know Allah have better plan for me and maybe for us?, i really really trust my guts and all the hikmah that gonna happen if i keep sabr and believe to Allah’s plan. I don’t mind if i need to wait for you for another 100 years because i know it’s all gonna worth it, i’m here still waiting for you and trust Allah’s plan. Remember this, your name Always be in my everyday prayer, always be. Please take care, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH XOXOXO

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