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I am a teenage girl with high ambitions. I have always shown that I am doing pretty great in life when the truth is that I am suffering hell inside. I have anxiety and major OCD. I am done taking loads of bullshit everyday. My parents consider me a disappointment which I actually am. They consider my issues as drama. I can’t even tell them now if I am ever sick, like literally sick because they scold me that I do drama and it hurts. I am slowly dying inside. I want to get out of all this. I would be in college next year and away from them. But till then I am not sure if I could survive. My mother makes me feel terrible in every way possible. Both my parents think that they are great because they feed me and give me everything to study. They have even legit said that if we spend money on you and feed you, that’s all we are supposed to do as you are not worth our love. Then the same parents shout at me that why do I hate them. They say that I am the worst kid among every kid our friends and relatives have and how big the mistake was t bring me t=in this world. My mother says that it would be better if you die. I am getting done with all this shit now. I want peace.

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