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I know it’s my fault for hurting her repeatedly but can’t she give e another chance.all shes done is give me chance after chance and i’Ve always hurt her. i just want to be understood and loved. just forget the past stop letting it prevent us from moving on.
I JUST WAN THEM TO STOP ME AS A MONSTER AND MAYBE FIX OUR RELATIONSHIP. see ME for who i am i’m not who u make me out to be. i wan to be loved as much as my brother
i just want to sop feeling like i’m a second had i’m trying so hard why don’t u see it. honestly the thought of cutting myself is so tempting maybe the pain will go away but i refuse to because my body is god temple and i wont desecrate it. hell maybe they l finally notice it and realise i just want their love and focus and go easy o me. probably not they’ll saY im mental a shame and a dram queen and sent me fro treatment. everyone cares except my family more than enough but sometimes i want to be seen and not brushed aside

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