• 11 months ago

Hey guys I’m having a general concern time right now.

This girl (15) I know on discord is pregnant and does not know who the father is, and wants to keep the baby. Of course it seems like a yikes situation already, but get this.

She wants MY ASS to get over to HER place to help HER take care of HER baby, but, in the most necessary times, I will be of course in the military at my station. I’ve already tried to convince her that it’s a bad idea, but she insists on not getting an abortion and it’s literally fucking with me right now. I know she has little regard for legality issues, but she doesn’t understand that statistically proven, a baby at a younger age in high school will literally turn your life into hell, no matter who the couple is.

So, I’m having trouble explaining to her how it’s going to severely deter her ambition for when she gets out of highschool, and the fact that I won’t be able to come to her, until x years (i plan to stay in the service for 4, and if all goes well, an additional 3, and so on) and on service military duties isn’t the same as being home.

As such, I’ve done my expert research and realized that legal guardian is an option, however, it is something difficult to come up with since I’m literally just 18, coming out of school 2 months ago and going right into bootcamp in literally less than a month. I’m not sure why she’s so persistent and not understanding my logic.

I mean there’s always the chance that when I’m away at bootcamp that she’ll forget about me (don’t mean to be harsh, but I damn well hope so, the whole situation seems like a can of worms i’m not ready to open, yknow)

P.S.:Just so we’re clear, she’s the one pursuing it, not me, legally and morally, it’s absolutely crazy, and makes me think i’m not going to be able to pursue my career (computers, tech, etc)

I’m freaking out because I literally have no idea what the hell to do. Any tips/messages are helpful ^^^

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