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Since I was young I want to end my life. Yet some good things happened to me every year so I tried my best to continue this life. And then I met him. I’m not in love or anything. He’s just a random sunshine in my life. I have some kind of feelings for him, I don’t really know what but I built a giant obsession about him. I’m not doing anything wrong. Just thinking about him and sending him some messages sometimes. He’s got a gf so I can’t explain to him, I don’t want his gf knows. Lol. I’m happy when he’s talking to me or anything but I know I’m just less than a friend. It hurts a lot. I don’t want a relationship with him, I’m not into him, not in a love way anyway. I just would like him to talk to me when I need it. But yeah he’s not even a friend so I’m working on our friendship. But I’m leaving soon my town, I’ll be really far away from him. Idk if I’m gonna be okay. I really hate to complain. I can’t tell this to my friends. Because I know I have mental issues. It’s complicated, and nobody knows that. I’m kind of crazy but I’m hidding myself. People will notice one day. I’m scared if I’m gonna blow up.
My dear, if one day you’ll see that, you have to know that you helped me a lot and you were, and you are still the reason I have a smile on my face.
My precious italian boi, continue to be happy, please.

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