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My parents (parent) is an alcoholic, my dad died when I was 4, I constantly get bombarded with shouting, there has not been a single week in the past 2 years where my mother hasn’t shouted at somebody. I’m in a relationship where I dont get nearly as much attention as I give to my partner. I act confident and a lot of people like me and show interest in me, I on the other hand am not interested in any person in the slightest. My grades are shit, I got hooked on cigarettes since I was 14, because of a chick I wanted to fuck. I am constantly angry with something, when I dont feel angry I mostly feel empty. The people at my school who fake mental illness make me even angrier and start to cry for attention when I call them out on their bullshit. I live in a country with the highest suicide rate in europe. I regularly think about killing my alcoholic mother.

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