• 11 months ago

It might be too late by the time some of you read this in amongst the unwashed masses being the rest of this website. I need an outlet at this time of deepest darkest and most vulnerable pain. I have been accused of pedophilia and rape by a select group of girls I have little to no contact with. It has ruined my reputation, on top of what I can only say was a slight bout with depression that festered inside of me for years before I only started to talk to my friends about it just recently. It has gnawed away at my insides for too long. A dark and intense cocktail of emotions spiralling to the point where I’m crying whilst writing an anonymous confession to a random website on the internet, which pairs with the cowardice that has become a fairly prominent character trait of mine as of recent. I am most sorry for my girlfriend of almost a year. It truly was fun and you made me feel alive again. And happy. For once. Thank you. To mum, I’m sorry I let you down like this. I really tried but now I must find my own way through this hell hole. Dad, the mountain that has maintained my rock forever and a day. I couldn’t ever do enough could I. My sister, you were always the favorite lets be honest. I’ve left you mum and dad. Take good care of them. Sorry I had to involve you as well. The scars you feel will heal with time. You’ll remember the days we spent laughing at everything and nothing. To everyone else, I hope you guys have enjoyed the last few months of abuse. You will turn on each other sooner or later. But it will all return to me. I have won. You are all now the bad guys. Sucks when there’s no one to fight against and be completely and utterly objectionable too. It was fun let’s say that. I hope you all enjoy the amount of redemption you will find in whatever form that is. So at this beat I bid you adieu. By morning I should be just a memory.
Yours sincerely,
Someone no one cared about. A face in the crowd

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