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One of my best friends boyfriends is such a piece of shit. She’s so desperate for a future with someone and so scared to start over that she makes excuses for him. None of her friends want to be around him. He talks to himself in a little angry voice under his breath like a fucking psychopath and won’t see a doctor about his anger/potentially undiagnosed mental problems that COULD BE PASSED ON TO CHILDREN. He has threatened to throw her cats outside during an argument but then he’ll turn around and say they’re ‘his cats’ — until something happens again. That’s abuse and I’ve told her.

I’ve seen it all before. My sperm donor never wanted to get his anger in check either. As soon as my mom got pregnant the abuse started and after she gave birth it got even worse. He would threaten to my put my then infant sister through the wall for crying. He beat the shit out of all of us. He scared away our friends. We were never his kids. We were ‘parasites’ to anyone that would listen.

My best friend is a great fucking person. She’s not hard to get along with. She’s generous, outgoing, funny, forgiving, adventurous, communicates well, works hard… I just want her to find someone that can say “You look beautiful today” or “How did I get so lucky?” because this shady motherfucker is still incapable after 3 years. I’m to the point where I am content to just wait outside the house for her to come to my car. Fuck going in there with that insecure ass wipe.

I wonder if we’ll still be friends in 5 years if she keeps him around.

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