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I have never been good with human emotions, I always felt like a robot or an alien because of this. When I was younger, and feeling really confused, I would just look in the mirror and think that it was a brain-tumor that I had that was making me so different… I read stories about fairies or trolls taking kids and leaving one of their own behind to be raised by humans and I would think that maybe that’s what I am…

But when I was about 15 I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and ADD. Which explains why I never felt normal. Why I felt different. Because I am.

But now I’m gonna be honest about the one thing I fear the most.
I’m scared that because I have never been good with human emotions, not even with my own family… That I will never really be able to be in a relationship. Because even if I will be able to get someone to date me… What if I don’t really feel butterflies in my stomach when I’m with them. Or any of those feelings that a person is suppose to feel when they are with someone special. What if I’m not capable of falling in love. Or loving a person.

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