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Sometimes I get confused about why I can’t have any of my parents messed up at any point. Is it because they raised me and fed me, that’s why I should be grateful all along my life? Or is it because my so far savings are growing in my dad’s bank account with higher interest rate and I am afraid if one of them is messed up the other one will too and my money would be gone.

The reason why the second option comes to my mind is because their recent behaviour and character played with strangers are conflicting with what I have been taught since childhood. They are loosing loyalty to each other and encouraging stranger’s accompany forecasts and big harm to us or feels like a son of two bad person to me.

You would punch someone’s face who talks shit about your parents, what if you see after a few years that he was eventually right to say that about your parents. How painful would it be. But still they are all I have, god bless them.

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