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My father owned a farm and he went crazy when my mom divorced him because she was threatening to take everything. So he tied her up and then pushed her into this big hay baler machine we had out in the barn, then he piled up 5 cows, 2 sheep, a goat and all our chickens in there and activated it.

The machine crushed and fused everything including my mother into a cube of flesh with limbs and orifices sticking out at odd angles. My mother ended up with her anus positioned just above her face. Her vagina was found on the other side of the cube.

So people come to see the oddity. If they find an appropriate hole on the thing, my dad charges them to fuck it however they want.

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  • sounds like a plot to some weird fetish porno sci-fi movie. i’d whip my dick out and pump a hole, assuming this technology allowed all this biological tissue to remain “alive” and responsive to fucking!

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 2:41 pm Reply

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