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So, these days been okay. I’ve been talking to this guy. The guy that I’ve been probably in love. Everything was going so good. We talked about our future. And our future together. But one day he came to see me and since that day everything has changed. It seems like he lost interest in me. And the worst part is that I care so fucking much. I just got a notification of him. And my heart just stops for a minute. It’s like as much as I try to move on the slightest attention he gives me I will go running to him. I never understood girls that go back to a guy that broke them, and now I understand. A guy that makes you feel special, a guy that is the world to you. You’ll go to him the moment he wants you. And it sucks how we have to feel this way. It’s just the way we are. Some people are like just get over him. If it was that easy I would have had moved on a long time ago. I hate feeling this. I know I should just cut things off but the words don’t come out when it’s the time too. I hate myself. And the worst thing is that it’s back. I thought I was finally out of it but it’s back. How I wish I could just be happy for once. It’s like I’m meant to feel nothing all my life. I feel empty again. I know that this time I should ask for help but I’m to ashamed too. Why is my life so fucked up. P:/

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  • Talk to him. Look at him in the eyes and you can tell how he really feel about you the way he looks back at you

    Anonymous February 11, 2019 6:56 am Reply

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