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I’m worried about my mom. She has only been drinking wine, liquor, and beer the past 3 months. My dad divorced her and my older brother went with him three months ago. I think she is an alcoholic now and I don’t know what to do.

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  • Call Alcoholics Anonymous and tell them when you just said here. They will tell you what you need to do.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 1:38 am Reply
    • This guy is an asshole. Alcoholics Anonymous are a religious support group not Ghost Busters. They aren’t going to dispatch a rescue squad to save your stupid fucking mother.

      What you need to do is let her drown in her pathetic pool of alcohol inducted self pity and fuck the shit out her as she rides the slide of life into hell. If you’re lucky she’ll get pregnant and give birth to your child/sibling just before she dies.

      Anonymous February 10, 2019 2:10 am Reply
      • This comment is priceless.

        Anonymous February 10, 2019 2:11 am Reply
      • Anon, sigh, I can’t even muster the energy or enthusiasm to yell at you for your sick comment. You have clearly been hurt a lot by the world or else you wouldn’t be this way. But guess what? Many of us have, yet we aren’t like you. So, grow up. Take up boxing to let out your aggression.

        Anonymous February 10, 2019 3:13 am Reply
  • Don’t worry I’m filling her backsnatch with gooey goo of pleasure while she is passed out.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 2:06 am Reply
  • Try AA or smart recovery meetings. They can give you advice on how to help her. Try al anon for you. It’s a support group for people who have alcoholics in their lives

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 3:14 am Reply
  • I’ve been butt hurt in my backsnatch by your mentally retarded bullshit. But, guess what? No one here give a flying fuck what the hell you have to say so fuck off you half wit and find a confession board where people might actually give shit. This place is filled with idiots making shit up.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 3:43 am Reply

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