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I kind of want to leave my best friend she gets so jealous when I talk to other people and is really insecure with our friendship and my other friend doesn’t do that and it’s nice but if I told my best friend this she would probably say she’s gonna kill her self and I don’t want to hurt her but now I’m stuck in a friendship I don’t want to be in

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  • You shouldn’t leave her, she’s acting like this because she cares about you so much and has a very strong friendship for you. You should try to help her get over her insecurity and jealousy issues and talk to her about it and reassure her that you appreciate her as a friend and when she does get over these issues it will be fine and the fact that she feels so strongly about your friendship to the point of jealousy shows that she will always be a very loyal friend to you. Be patient with her and try to help her, she’s your best friend for a reason you must care for each other.

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