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I’m really dumb and always wasted my father’s money by spending them on higher education.Even though I completed my masters degree I’m unable to get a job and every time i get the interview call I’m always rejected after the first call.I don’t know how I can repay my dad.I’m such a badass I’m not even able to try even though I try I’m unable to get hired because no one wants to hire a dumb person like me.I’m dumb dumb and dumb

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  • you are not dumb. me too ive been trouble my family quite a lot until i notice the cold whenever i text them. i decide to do things on my own and make myself rarely been with them (you know like moving out or not seeing them for a year or more). things happen for reason. theres reason why you are not getting the job yet. maybe you can improve in something to make yourself more valuable or try other job first. maybe get some experiences? things take time. it happens when you ready. in a meantime prepare yourself and never downgrade yourself we all great in something 🙂

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 7:52 pm Reply

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