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I recently gave in to my long time girlfriend’s fantasy. Her and I watch a lot of cams together, and it adds some spice to our sex life. We even know personally a couple women or couples. One of these women is famous for her squirting dildo, with loads of fake cum.

So, my girlfriend wanted to get something like that, but in strap on form, and fuck me and cum in my ass. So we made some inquiries and searched online, and with some modifications she got the fake cock that she wanted.

Friday night, I let her put it to use. She lubed my hole right, I used some jungle juice, and she worked my prostate great. And then she turned on the cum pump, and I’m afraid she damaged my colon. It started shooting so forcefully it felt like I was being hit with a hammer on the inside. I’ve been bleeding ever since, a light trickle is constantly there and I’m in a lot of pain. I’m embarrassed as fuck to go to a local ER, bc come on, my story would get around, and anyone working there will always know me as the guy who blew out his colon with a high powered cumming dildo.

But it hurts so bad, and idk if it’s getting better.

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  • guys are so embarrased to go to ER when they start bleeing from the dick or ass. get over it and go. asure theyll laugh but it fucking happens like its a lil common then u think to have crazy sex that u go to the er. its always the men bleeding like bitches. LOL sorry ………………not sorry

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 3:47 am Reply
  • Get it checked out, that’s a terrible way to die.

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 4:11 am Reply

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