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When I have a fight with my brother, I hurt myself. With my sister also. I will do something to get rid of my anger. The fastest way is to hurt myself. Cut my hands. Put a scratch on myself. Punch myself. The pain I felt can overcome the hurt feeling. I dont know a better way to handle this. People around me blame me, for being too sensitive, and tempered. My parents always side with my brother: all the blame was put on me, when he’s the one who suddenly got mad at me for ‘giving him glances’ ( In fact, I didnt. He misunderstood). I hate him. Now I have to pretend to be nice, and treat him well. I have to watch what I say. How my eyes look at people, my actions. I have to be careful in everything. So that he wont get offended. Gosh. Why am I living this life.

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