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“Fix your issues first” but do more than that. I wish you wouldn’t drag someone into your world of uncertainty because of your instability and incapability of being alone and I wish you wouldn’t feel so attached to someone and confuse those feelings for deeper interest when it could just be infatuation instead. I wish you would stop confusing the other by your contradicting words and actions, and making doubt arise amist the beliefs they have in you.
I hope you don’t force your feelings onto someone because you think they will do for now and are good enough to pass because you can’t find someone else and you get lonely because that is an unfair excuse to keep someone who genuinely cares for you. But thank you I guess in the end, for making them realize it really wasn’t love like you said, and it wasn’t brokenness but instead, resilience, courage and strength to walk away from what they should know they do not deserve and not fall back into a million pieces because of a single person.

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