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There was this “friend” that I never liked even before I met her. She started to come in my life 2 years ago. She did nothing but copying me, stealing my friends and my credits in art, made me depressed for her because of her difficult background, and before our graduation during the finals, I started to ignore her and be distant. So there were 2 more friends of mine even ignored me to have concern for the other “friend” that they just knew for a while. If its not bad enough I have to endure class alone and work during finals, zero rest…. Ugh…. After all the chaos it became quiet and just when I’m finally ise to it, that “friend” want to drag me to the counseling office to “talk”.In the end she did all the yelling and even include her huge gang to judge me as well. So I just play a long agree to what they say and just get over it. In the end I smiled more and made more friends than ever. That “friend” said to me how sad she was that we can no longer be friends and she forgives me and whatever… I would never get over it or accept her dumb apology especially when I never have a say in it. This is because of the counseling office part, she even made a scene like she always do to get wht she wants. A few years pass she got into an art school and it made me laugh because no successful artist would copy others work and not give credit. I know I’m not perfect but at least I don’t make schemes when I hate someone all I do is ignore them. I’m glad I finally got this pain off my chest.

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