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My ex boyfriend Robert got crushed by semi-truck two months ago.He was tring to do a stunt with his bike infront of a semi-truck driven by his best friend Finn.He lost his balance and got run over.I saw the whole thing and I was very traumatised by experience.I couldn’t eat for a few days.
I was dating Robert for a month before the incident.Before that we were friends.I wasn’t even in love with him.I thought that I should give him a chance because he was always nice to me.
To make things even worse when he introduced me to his best friend Finn I fell in love.Finn liked me as well but he didn’t make a move because of Robert.After the accident Finn was released from all resposibility and he didn’t go to jail because it wasn’t his fault. A two weeks ago I went to his house to talk about everything.We had a few drinks and Finn started cring.I gave him a hug and we kissed.We decided that this was very wrong and we went home but when we saw eachother again to talk about it we kissed again and had sex.

I feel like the worst scum on this planet.I just had sex with a guy who run over my boyfriend.But I am also in love with him.What do I do ? Help !

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  • I made up names ( Finn and Robert ) because I don’t want people searching on google. But the accident and the story is unfortunatelly very real.

    Anonymous July 11, 2018 8:45 pm Reply

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