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I literally wish someone would hold the families of the microsoft managers hostage so they will be forced to stop fucking up every program they touch. In the very real sense. I want them to suffer. I want them to LISTEN. Being polite, going through the proper channels, none of it does anything because “they’ll get used to it!” Fuck you. No one is HAPPY about all the changes you made to windows, to skype, your new game platform, literally everything you have done since windows 7 has made the computing experience worse and you REFUSE to actually RESPOND to MILLIONS of complaints and feedback and years and years of miserable consumers. I literally want them to experience trauma for fucking up skype. I want a CEO to die and I want shereholders to ho bankrupt and be forced to attend full college courses until they hold Masters Degrees in at least three programming languages.

I have no plans of enacting any of these things but if someone else did I would cheer.

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