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One of the things that kept me going throughout the week basically ended earlier than expected.
School is beating a dead horse and accusing me for something extremely minor. I did do it, but they’re acting like someone just got murdered. They suck ass at trying to get the truth out of someone. They want whoever did it to admit…by saying that they’ll get punished harshly.
I’m convinced I lied very well today, with the only problem being the swallowing that I tried to control. In fact, I now have a method for making the swallowing less visible and more controllable. After only a day, I’m so done with this shit to the point where I’m believing my own lie.
It’s not that I can’t do it. I don’t want to. I’d rather sit through a boring-ass class than be interrogated to no fucking end. Today it was implied that I’d have to lie my ass off some other time and I’m not happy about it. Of course the person accusing me beats dead horse till you can see the fucking shoeprint on it. You couldn’t ask him to drop anything, not even his balls! Even though just about everyone else is ready to move on and just forget about it, there was no serious harm done the fucking school picks and chooses what it wants to let go and what it wants to suck like a damn leech.
In fact, I’ve done a much worse thing, and they didn’t ride that for too long. Of course, that was over the internet and I know my ways around it.

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