• 4 months ago

I am a 13 yr boy, my Mom is a single Mom and works hard to provide for us. She is dating a guy and I do not like him, as he is forcing me to have sex with him when my Mom is not home. She let him move in 3 months ago, and he is home a lot when she is working. She really likes him, however when she is away, he has started forcing me to do sex things with him. It stated with him touching me, and then him “training” me to touch him. He even makes me wear my Mom’s lingerie and takes pics of me dressed up in her things. Then he started to send the pics out of me wearing her lingerie if I do not have oral sex. He said he will leave my Mom and ruin her job with the pics of me if I do not do as I am told.

He is making me have sex 2-3 times a day with him now, and I am so afraid he will try and put it inside of me next. I do not know what to do, she loves him she says and I don’t want her to be unhappy or ruin her job. I can’t take it any more, he is nasty to me when we are alone, and sweet as can be when she is home.

I am not Gay, I like girls, but he makes me do it so many times now in a single day, I cannot get the taste of him out of my mouth..

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