• 4 months ago

It’s agonizing to see cute schoolgirls on the street. They look so fucking cute in their uniforms, with their skirts and blouse. But I really get enticed when I look at their feet. I like looking at their feet, wearing those clean soft white socks and black strapped shoes or black slip-on flats. Whenever I see a cute schoolgirl on her way to school, I can’t help but lust on her feet. Whenever I see a cute girl in her uniform, wearing those white socks and black school shoes, Oh gawd the fantasy of grabbing her foot and slowly take her shoe off, then just getting a whiff of her sweaty feet in socks and licking her soles, sucking her toes and covering her socks with my spit. Then I’d grab both her feet and use it to masturbate my dick so I can cum all over her feet and socks. I’d wanna cum in her shoes and make her wear them with her socks so that when she walks by her feet sticks to the cum filled soles of her shoes. Sometimes I wanna grab her feet directly and just sniff it up. I wish they’d put their feet on my lap so I can take off their shoes and play with their socked feet, maybe tickle her soles and toes then give them a good sniff

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