• 2 weeks ago

I just got angry at the retarded shop guy for not locking the door to the bathroom while he’s taking a shit (for the second time) and made the super intelligent guy laugh his ass off with my reaction. I suppose I should knock, but I shouldn’t have to either. I test the door, open it a bit, close it, open, close, anyone in there? No response what so ever and he’s just sitting there on the shitter in front of me.

I said “Jesus Christ man…. LOCK THE DOOR”

Walked away, said to the guy in the shop “for Christ sakes man… he’s just sitting there, he doesn’t say anything ///immigrating him sitting there/// were you raised in a barn man?… he probably was.

The kid was laughing. He didn’t want to. My reaction was innapropriate, I guess but he couldn’t help but laugh. He was laughing spontaneously after. He says “that whole interaction right there…. I didn’t see anything…”

And one retarded guy.

I don’t really care either. This place is like high school. It looks more like a bank than anything. There’s more sissy sissy faggots and useless women, all of them ugly, the men have tits, congregating together for lunch together than there is people actually working. The biggest strain these fat fucks will face on any given day is waddling up the stairs to the lunch room and lifting the fork to shovel it in their faces. And being all happy.