• 2 weeks ago

I’ve been feeling guilty about everything I do recently and I always have the urge to make up for them but then I feel so embarrassed about owning it up to others, it feels worse than death to confess sometimes. it’s only small things and I want to learn to forgive myself so that I don’t have to keep going to people to confess to small things. The other day I was showing off to my friends by sending them a photo of a conversation with a girl that was talking to me, I realise that I was trying to make myself look desirable and sexually attractive so that they would see me as high status. I feel bad and guilty that I feel the need to show off to friends that care about me and i find it hard to live with myself. I know consciously it’s such a small thing and I should be able to let it go but I keep getting the urge to bring up small things to people and ask their forgiveness. In truth, the only person this has hurt is me. I ask for your forgiveness father so that I may move on from this and become a better person without always having my conscience attack me.

Simply Confess