• 2 weeks ago

I am 21 now and feel bad how I treated a virgin girl when I was 19 at a party. I met a cute girl who was 16 and we talked. She did not have a bf and later said she was a virgin. She said she liked my looks and body. I never had a virgin and knew I had to fuck her. We talked lots that night and we went in the big backyard about 1 am. We found a quiet spot and talked and then I made my move and kissed her. She let me take her clothes off and then her panties. I kissed her hard and took off my shorts. I then put her legs over my shoulders then went in her super tight pussy raw and took me few minutes to work my way in and fuck her. She was crying while I was fucking her most of time. I slammed her pussy hard til I blasted all up in her. I said she was great and gave her a fake number and left.

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