• 4 weeks ago

I have no idea why my little sister Renae got into my bed late last night. I guess that with all the storms lately and her wanting to feel safe that she just began to feel comfortable with me. Last night the skies were clear and cold. She snuggled into me spooning and went fast to sleep. I got horny.
I gently worked her nightie up and her panties down. She is only 11 almost 12 and me being almost 16 I knew that I shouldn’t be doing such things. With my boner out the pee slit of my boxers I worked myself between her smooth warm thighs and her almost hot little pussy. Wishing that I was inside her, using saliva on my shaft I thrust like I was fucking her long and slow until I came. My cum made us slippery and it felt sooo good that I decided to keep going since I was so horny. I hadn’t lasted more than a few minutes the first time, it was just a quick come. I wanted a better one.
It was really feeling nice and the scent of her was now filling my head with lust. I was a good 5 minutes or more into it when I heard “Wh…what are you doing?” she asked sleepily and quiet. My heart skipped and I froze. Shit! she was awake. Maybe I was a little to energetic this time wanting to actually fuck. “Just rubbing a little to feel good and go to sleep Nae.” “Um is that… is that your penis?” My sister is young, but far from stupid. “Yes, is it okay? It feels really good to me, should I stop?”—“No it’s okay I guess… Are you going to put it inside me and, and do it?” “No not tonight sweetie” I told her and began to thrust again. “Mmmmm it does feel kind of nice.” She told me. I reached around and began to rub her little vulva. Her supple outer lips were slick and parted for my finger to find her hooded clit. She gasped as I made solid contact. Some time later she was really getting worked up grinding on my shaft and fingers with soft “OOOs” I humped her thighs better and came hard. Without hesitation I moved down. She lifted her long skinny legs to help me get her panties all the way off her.
I pushed her nighty up further to fondle and suck on her almost flat budding breasts. “Mmmmm” she sounded. I kissed my way down her body and licked her really small slit from her taint to her clitoris where I stopped and sucked her into my mouth. She squealed loudly, burying her butt into the mattress to get away from the sudden shock of stimulating pleasure. I kept licking and sucking on her sweet sex. “Oh shit what are you doing!! Oh shit that feels good don’t stop! Oh keep going!