• 4 weeks ago

Crazy Stories about how my wedding was cancelled weeks before my wedding.

So my ex fiancé convinced me that we should swing before we said “I DO”. His reasoning behind this suggestion was taking the time to fulfill a fantasy before we tied the knot. We have always been faithful to one another but he obviously want to give us both a chance to explore a sexual fantasy before marriage. We researched swinging/couple swapping and found out this was a popular topic/activity amongst millennials. We have had an amazing sex life but we were both willing to go on this sexual journey since our sex life has become some what dull lately. Plus, we read a lot of positive reviews regarding swinging. Reviewers stated that it “brings couples closers”, “Makes you not want to cheat again or think about other people, and focus on the actual relationship”. I was a little nervous when I read the bad reviews, I read that these brought bad energy and created a terrible vibe between couples. But me and my ex talked and talked and we were fully aware of the risk and we both decided to choose and individual from an escort service. My ex gave us both a month to choose an escort. He also stated that “This was a one time thing, you can choose anything/anyone you want, shit you can have two girls or guys if you want haha”. The conversation and thoughts made me horny and we ended up fucking each other brains out. Sometimes all relationship needs is a little spark, and the fact that he was so understanding and cool was a huge turnon. So for the whole month of June we researched wedding stuff and our kinky sexual fantasy. We both had a really good time doing so, he would show me a picture of a girls with massive tits, big asses” and we would laugh. It took him a matter of 3 days to find the girl he wanted to explore with, she was beautiful and was a retired adult actress. It took me a little more time. I was calling different agencies and talking to different escort trying to find the best person possible. If this was going to be my only opportunity to explore I was going to make sure it was going to be good. I wanted someone with a bigger penis size then my ex and that is what I found but it was like double the size Haha. Me and my ex booked a suite at a nearby hotel, he requested the living room and I requested the bed room. Later that night before the escorts arrived we had another conversation and kissed and said we loved each other. So the escort arrived and we all met each other and went our separate ways. I can tell my ex was thrown off that the guy was black and was like 5 inches taller than him. Long story short, I could hear my ex and the female escort were getting right to it. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know if I could handle this guy. But my intimidation turned quickly to a challenge. I started to suck what I could of his dick and in my mind I was trying to imagine wrapping my pussy around it. Before he put it in, I opened my legs as wide as I possibly could. Feeling the pressure of him working it inside of me slowly I broke out in a sweat once the enormous head broke thru me. I felt a slight amount of pain once he had worked braking thru and he was well over half way inside of me. The feeling of being filled up and the stimulation he was causing inside forced me to orgasm. I felt the pressure of him constantly going deeper before the escort said “haha you did it”. I was still in the midst of a mind blowing orgasm boiling over inside my body. I got very emotional as it got so intense my eyes flooded with tears and my body broke into another sweat. I was getting so loud, that my ex opened up the door softly and him and the female escort stop and started staring. This was a different kind of orgasm it was deep inside me…. my entire body melted. He had me pinned down so I couldn’t dismount this incredible monster inside me. He was slamming me fast and hard , and giving me long deep strokes that the muscles in my body gave out like the ballon was popped. The female escort started playing with herself watching me get fucked, and I could tell my ex was getting frustrated, so he went back into the living room with the girl. Meanwhile, I had mixed emotions wanting him to keep this savage fucking he was imposing on me. The other part felt like I was going to have a heart attack, an suddenly I cried as it was just too intense. My ex then cracks the door again. To see that the male escort finally took mercy on me and pulled it out and when he did my body felt like it went into shock and my body was jolting and a full body orgasm took over. I would feel myself squirting looking I could see the spray of juices bursting out of my pussy. I was totally drained I couldn’t lift my arms or legs rolled into a ball my body kept jolting and quivering. He starts screaming and rushes towards me and slaps me and calls me a whore, the male escort pushes him to the ground and tells him to calm down. The male escort tells him “ I know this is your women, but I am not going to let you hit no women in front of me. You have a beautiful women in the other room and your fucking it up because you’re worried about but what we’re doing…relax and let her enjoy herself”………..My ex then yells at me “lets go, youve been showing off this whole time!!!”……… The male escort then goes into the other room and picks up the female escort and brings her into the other room and places her on the bed with me. He then tells my ex “ You’re a fucking clown…. And ask me if I wanted to leave, and I said “No”… He goes on to tell my ex “ you really fucked up…now you can watch me fuck both these beautiful ladies or leave”. My ex slams the door shut and walks out. Long story short me and the female escort got a fucking of a lifetime.

I couldn’t look at my ex the same again and I called the marriage off. I fully understood what I was getting myself into and I made up my mind that I was going to part-take in these activities. We talked about this over and over again, and the fact that he completely went back on his word is completely unacceptable. The female escort that he picked was prettier than me and her body was out of this world. He got everything he wanted and he pissed it away and ended up losing the escort and me because he was so worried about my actions. And…….? How was I showing off, someone was fucking me? The real reason that I am pissed is because he completely disrespected me and slapped me, because I was enjoying myself. Was I not suppose to have a good time? Was my sexual fantasy suppose to be bad? I can’t be with someone selfish like that, because it is only a matter of time before it shows up in other parts of the relationship. He had ill intentions for me, and I just can’t get over it.

Swinging/swapping with escort with no attachment is a good and bad idea. It can definitely spice up the sex life, but it will also test your relationship, it will really show you if your partner is for you or for himself.

Ladies talk to your partners, even if you don’t try swinging the conversations will help you understand your partner better, its not for everyone though.