• 2 months ago

I regret that November 2016 when I met you and sadly we kissed. I kissed the enemy, you ghosted me that night forever and the next months you hacked me, spreading lies, you even told me you were gay and virgin when in reality you date anyone you can afford. I regret being in love with a man that got abused sexually, mentally, and now I pay the price of you and your insanity being obsessed with destroying my name and my future, i will never trust you Alan. Ghosting me was abusive when we had years being respectful. I said some hateful things THANKS TO YOU and now everyone is against me when the one being crossed should’ve been you. I’m glad you keep making Mario analysis videos like nothing happened. It really says a lot about artists and their two-face behavior under the covers. You even took everything you could against me, using your paid rich friends against me while I just took the hits without any retaliation that wasn’t just calling you out, messaging you to get 0 replies. Stop spreading lies that you love me or that I moved on or whatever lies you say when you rejected repecting me and treating me (L) like a friend. i don’t use this website. Lie about me and pretend to be people you’re not. LIAR ALAN.

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