• 6 days ago

I broke up with my boyfriend so I went grocery shopping. I saw this perfect big green cucumber. I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad I got it.

It is so consistently round and it has small bumps on it everywhere. I can hardly get it inside me even when I am super wet. It hurts but it feels good when I get it pushed in, and then I feel each little bump.

It has a very slight upward curve to it, which is OK since it hits the right spots. When I slide it out I rub the bumps over my clit. Then back in it goes and I pump it and pump it. It lasts far longer than my boyfriend ever did. It’s so much more filling. It leaves me sore but it’s a good kind of sore.

I saw one at the grocery store that was curved off to one side and upward. I should have bought that one too. If only we could select males the way we select cucumbers. I’m glad I broke up with him, now I can have great sex with my cucumber.