• 6 days ago

My girlfriend does 69 so she can get her bun licked. She likes to sit on top and reach down and grab my balls while she gets licked. She squeezes them to encourage me to be enthusiastic and not slack off.

She tells me she’s going to have them cut off after we are done having kids. She says I won’t need them after that. She’ll make me her gelding. She squeezes one ball and asks if she should cut that one off first. Then she squeezes the other ball and asks if it should be the one she cuts off first.

She grew up on a farm where castrated animals and she liked doing it. So she has a vision that my balls should come off after servicing her. She says it is healthier, I’ll live longer and I’ll be easier for her to manage. She plans to make me her gelding.

I worry about it a little because I know she is serious. She told me that since she has castrated a horse she can castrate me too. “There’s no difference. Balls are balls”, she said.

But that’s a long way off. We have to get married first and then have kids. For now she makes me hard. She makes me lick her bun and that makes me even harder. She’s a little harsh on the balls, handling them roughly but it does stimulate me and that gets her what she wants.

I guess I’ll be surprised someday to wake up in a stall, tied out, with my balls hanging down and her standing there with the castration tools. Then she’ll take my balls in her hand and announce that it’s gelding time. She’ll cut my balls off just like she did to her horse.