• 7 days ago

Target is selling ‘Tuck Friendly’ toddler and children’s clothes.
The term ‘Tuck Friendly’ means there is a pocket where you can ‘tuck in’ the kid’s penis and balls so there is no bulge and it appears he is a girl.

‘The majority of men and Target customers do not want to ‘tuck’ their penis into a women’s swimming costume. I’m sure most men would find this uncomfortable and emasculating to say the very least.’

But that’s the point! The Drag Queens and LGBTQ++++++ HATE the penis and want it GONE! Mothers are buying ‘tuck friendly’ clothes to deliberately emasculate their kids. Some boys are physically emasculated because the mother has the boy castrated so he can “have the choice” to be a transgender. What ‘choice’ is that?

Should mothers have the right to castrate their boys?
Up to what age should she have the right to castrate her sons?
How can anyone determine that a toddler is homosexual?
Isn’t this really a cover for pedophilia?

News article: ht tps://www.foxnews.c om/media/consumers-creeped-targets-tuck-friendly-womens-swimwear-shopping-elsewhere

TikTok video: ht tps://rense.c om/general97/pride.mp4