• 1 week ago

My Sister uses the CANE on me. She applies a stroke across my bare bottom. Then the cane is slowly drawn up the inside of each leg until it reaches my balls. The tip rubs back and forth over my balls as my cock stiffens.

The tip is pushed down my shaft, prodding my erection and lodging just under the head. Then the tip is drawn back down my swollen shaft, rubbing from side to side. It rubs across my balls until it reaches the backside of my ball sac. It is withdrawn but held near my balls.

Then Sister shakes it causing the tip to violently vibrate. The vibrating cane tip cracks into my balls. The sting spreads like fire climbing up my sac. The pain causes me to bend over projecting my bare bottom toward my Sister. My extended bottom invites another stroke of her cane. The invitation is accepted as another stroke is sharply delivered to my bare protruding bottom.

A red score mark forms across my bottom and burns. The cane tip traces back up my legs to my tight ball sac. The tip rubs back and forth over my aching balls and finds its way to poke and prod my stiff shaft. The clear liquid drips from the tip of my head onto the cane as my hard shaft contracts and pulsates. The cane is pulled back down my shaft, poking, prodding and rubbing on the way to my balls.

The tip rubs across my balls and then Sister draws it up to torment my anal opening. The cane rubs across my opening. The tip pokes and jabs into my opening trying to force its way in. Then suddenly it “Snaps” across my anal opening making it pucker in pain.

My Sister warns that ejaculation is forbidden and five quick painful strokes will follow disobedience of her order. She traces the outline of my balls with the tip. My anal opening stings and throbs in pain. The tip pushes its way up the length of my hard shaft. It stops to taunt just under the head.

Another crisp whack on my ball sack and in pain I bend down pushing my bottom toward my Sister. She delivers another sharp stroke across my bare bottom. Then the cane probes my sore anal opening, prying it open a little here and there.

My erection is dripping. It wets the cane tip. The tip digs in under the head and is pushed up and down my hard shaft. AS I shake and shudder my Sister warns me again against making a mess. I beg her to stop. I plead. I tell here I can’t prevent it from cumming. She says, ‘You’ll be punished’.

My hard shaft pulses and spurts. Immediately Sister adds the five swift harsh strokes with her cane, diminishing the pleasure of my orgasm. My shaft quivers and drips on the floor as I feel a little pleasure and a lot of pain.

My bottom, my balls and my anal opening are marked with the welts from the cane. The marks on my bare bottom turn from red to blue. My balls are welted with red lines. My anal opening is puffed up with blue lines.

Sister videos it all for her delight and to show to others.