• 1 week ago

Hands down, black people make the best white supremacists.

Jussie Smollette is just one example.
Now we have the 5 black thugs who attacked a pregnant nurse and tried to bike-jack her, similar to car jacking. They lied and tried to claim the bike was theirs and she was taking it from them. Her attorney produced the receipt showing SHE paid for the bike. They were stealing it. Use a little common sense and understand that a pregnant white nurse who is alone is NOT going to approach 5 black thugs to steal a bike from them.

ht tps://100percentfedup.co m/woke-mob-tries-to-destroy-life-of-pregnant-white-supremacist-nurse-claimed-she-tried-to-steal-bike-from-black-man-until-lawyer-provides-irrefutable-evidenc/