• 2 weeks ago

Nurses can do whatever they want in the hospital because they are members of a ‘team’. Their team protects them. The doctors protect them. The hospital protects them. The hospital lawyers protect them.

You don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. Nurses may be dating doctors. Some nurses are roommates sharing an apartment or house. Nurses may be related to doctors, to other nurses or to hospital management.

Some actions are not documented in the medical records. A problem patient can be ‘medicated’ with drugs that will leave him unable to remember his name. Those drugs will not show up in the patient records. No one will believe the ridiculous complaints of a confused delirious patient.

If the patient is put in restraints it may not show up in the records. The nurse and her aide (CNA) work closely together and usually trust each other. They cover for each other. They can do whatever they wish. Almost anything.

No one is going to believe the patient. Everyone believes the nurses.