• 4 months ago

There is a black lady and her husband that live next door to me and there really nice. I’ve wanted to ask her if she wanted to talk about smoking
cannabis oil. Me and her are in my room and she is telling me when she smokes it she fall asleep. I told her that I have something for that. I told her that she needs to smoke some meth with me. So I get her stoned and then smoke some meth and she starts getting horny. I tell her that is one of the side effects of it. She asked me what I do about it. I tell her I have sex. I get her to take off all her clothes and I start playing with her and eating her out and then I started fucking her and I asked her when was the last time she had a organism. She tells me she can’t remember that far back. So I start with giving her one then two then three right in a row. She is loving it. Thats when she starts coming over all the time and fucking me.

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