• 2 weeks ago

Trans female Student expelled after “she” beats up two real girls who confronted him about bathroom manners and etiquette.

Like ALL ‘trans-girls’ HE is in fact NOT a female because he has not had any surgery. He still has his balls and cock which he frequently displayed before the real girls in the girl’s bathroom. The real girls did not like seeing his cock being shown to them at every opportunity. They confronted him and so he beat them up.

Martin Luther King school expelled him. He’s Black as are the girls.

These trans females are all guys who just want to show their cock and balls to girls. It’s indecent exposure where the girls are forced to watch. These guys are simply perverts pretending to be girls.

YouTube Shorts: ht tps://w ww.youtube.c om/shorts/udbJ8YofnzM

YouTube: ht tps://ww w.youtube.c om/watch?v=smIeoxO5suI