• 2 weeks ago

I am a rapist. I raped many girls. Most keep it quiet and never report it. Some do report it and want revenge. Two of them said they will cut my balls off when they find me. They do not know who I am so they will never find me. But I know them and it is interesting observing them and their lust for castration vengeance.

I wonder if they were always in favor of castration. Did they talk about gelding males before they were raped or did their desire for emasculation start with their rape. It seems they were always thinking about emasculation and neutering. They wanted to control males by gelding them.

Their rape was the opposite of their desires. Instead of dominating and controlling, it was they who were subdued and controlled. That is likely why they reacted so aggressively and with such spite while other girls remained silent.

The silent ones understand and accept their roles as being controlled and fucked by males.
They don’t fight it. I still have my balls, my freedom and lots of pussy I raped.