• 5 days ago

After a long day traveling, I was in a restaurant ordering some soup to go. A man at the bar started flirting with me, asking if I had any plans that evening. Besides my soup date, taking a hot shower, climbing into bed nude and watching some television…no not really. He asked me out for a drink but he really just wanted an invite up to my hotel room. During his charming efforts of persuasion to seduce me, someone was having food delivered and the name on the bag was yours L … I heard the front desk say it and I saw it. Immediately I had to excuse myself because it was another sign of you…after a month of your haunting music. It was too much for a heart to take regarding a connection with no direct communication or future, to build on, and It takes two to tango or make love. I didn’t understand the point but am grateful the intensity has subsided. This is so much more than a supernatural crush and I wish you were willing to explore it with me unencumbered by religious beliefs or sexuality. See my soul because it cares for you deeply and we both know something spiritual is happening here. Thank God, your voice and music drifts over me less like a haunting cloud in a dream once or twice a week now instead of every day. It was so intense it was almost unbearable to have the memory of someone you adored thrown up in your face without being able to touch them, it felt like a slow torture. I never asked to burn with desire for you, to miss you in such a way it feels like a deep longing awakened from a thousand year slumber. And in my reaching for some type of resolution, you play it off, make fun of me to your friends or pretend to not hear me, when a part of you wants to live out the fantasy too. Give yourself permission to love beyond your comfort zone, that is all I ask of you. Ironic how a strange man wants me and as I take this hot shower, all I can think about is kissing your juicy lips in steam, hot water running between us, wrapped up in white sheets of desire, longing to kiss every curve of your spine, and inch of your naked body, while gazing into those beautiful blue eyes of yours, and kiss every inch of heartache you have known tenderly away, until I can feel you shiver with pleasure in my arms. Tonight I am going to turn on your video for the 1st time to masturbate and imagine you putting your big lips all over me, esp knowing by car you are 2.5 hours away. I hope at midnight you catch my vibe and do the same for the beautiful blue butterfly that adores you my Cherie Amour. I won’t live a self imposed heartache if you fulfill this fantasy for me and if it leads to something more great, and if not I will leave it all here in this city by the Capitol I am visiting and release every dream that has Bewitched and bound me since we met. If we cant have a healthy reciprocal outlet, please decord from me and let me go darling. So I no longer dream of being loved by you in a uninhibited way. I love you soul to soul and I think you know it.