• 3 weeks ago

In some Arab cultures they cut the vein going to the girl’s clitoris so it can no longer become engorged and swollen. Thus the girl cannot rub her clitoris to get an orgasm. This prevents masturbation which is not allowed by their religion or by cultural standards.

It would be nice if the same procedure could be used on boys to stop their self abuse so they could concentrate on their studies and obedience to parents. Unfortunately cutting the vein can’t be used because later in adulthood they would not become erect when needed. Some other method is needed to control their fascination with ‘jerking off’ because too many of them grow up to be jerk offs.

Reproduction is not needed until they are adults so it would be nice if they could be kept limp until they have completed their schooling. That would prevent a lot of headaches for their parents, avoid unwanted pregnancies, avoid compulsive addiction to masturbation and allow them to focus on duties to their family, school and community. Perhaps a chip implant will be invented and controlled by the parents to prevent unnecessary erections and abuse.