• 2 weeks ago

The sound of my heels echoing in your mind, slowly one foot after the other as I trail my fingertips along the edges of your challenger. I stop in front of the hood and glance over my shoulder, throwing you a wink. Your eyes steady and hungry. I turn my head back at “Vero” my pulse quickening as I feel you close the distance between us. I feel the heat radiating from you and my mind goes into a frenzy as I let out a moan. Wondering what it’d feel like to be pinned underneath that firm body of yours. My legs wrapped tightly around you as I rake my fingernails down your back. Digging in as your strokes get faster and deeper. My back arching; pressing my breasts into your body. My fantasy cut abruptly as I feel your knuckles grazing up the length of my arms. Sending delicious shivers down my spine. My body simultaneously opening for you and melting into your embrace. Knees quivering about to fall to the ground if it weren’t for your body pinning me to the car. My eyes closed, head tilted to the side letting out quiet moans as I bite my lower lip. Your hand parts my hair to the left side and you graze your index finger lightly across as you blow on my neck. I can feel your smirk as my body reacts. Nipples getting taut. You bring your lips to my neck and brush them up and down my neck before you part them open and let me feel the moistness of your mouth as your tongue teases me. I can’t help but wonder what it would feel like traveling down my body. Over the mounds of my breasts. All the way down to my center. To find how ready I am for you. Your palm cups my face and you turn my face to meet your gaze. The hunger in your eyes so promising I almost fall, my legs giving way. I feel your firm grip upon my thighs. As you whisper, your lips brush against mine “I got you” I trace your lips with my tongue and then gaze deeply into your brown eyes with a devilish smirk. “… and what do you plan to do with me?” Your left hand still gripping my hip I feel your right hand teasing along my thigh. Sliding up my dress. Your hand stopping right at my hip. You pull me hard into you as you thrust your hips into me. Letting me feel your arousal against my butt. You bite my ear before whispering “I have a few ideas” I moan out your name “D….” I sway my hips against you. Feeling your desire grow. I pull apart from you only for a moment to slide my hand between us. Gripping you in between my palm. “Mmm is that for me?” Your left hand sliding up over my abdomen upto my breast. Cupping it in your palms. Rubbing your thumb against my erect nipple through the delicate fabric of my dress. As your right hand slides over and under my panties. Dipping your finger in my wet and warm center. Your left hand tightening it’s grip as you growl feeling just how ready I am for you.