• 2 months ago

Normally the things I post here that are sexual are reality; I have had some surprising and unexpected “successes” and situations in my life. This post is admittedly fantasy. A friend of my wife’s needed some help and input on a few issues with her home. I had met her a few times before in other settings, she is physically desirable for sure. While I was doing a few things for her and advising her on others, since she is a single mom, she has no one in her life to turn to for this. And amidst this time there was nothing provocative or flirting going on, but here is what I found myself thinking fantasy wise (rather unexpectedly) as we dealt with her issues. I wanted to bend her over her own dining room table and warm her bottom up in her clothes while I gently held her in that position by her hair and gently spanked her, telling her it would all be fine, that this would do her some good. When she adjusted to that, I pictured her kneeling at my feet and taking off my belt, handing it to me, then pulling her own pants down to her feet and her panties around her knees and asking me to continue to warm her bottom up. Not brutally, but thoroughly. I imagined her whimpering but exhilirated to have this done to her. I was actually simply standing there talking to her as she sat talking, but this was running through my head. I wanted to then kneel behind her to tongue bathe her stinging cheeks to soothe them, then put a chair behind her as she remained bent over her own table so I could sit and spread her cheeks wide and leisurely taste and explore her bottom deeply. I wanted to hear the sounds she would make as I claimed her this way. I wanted to smell and taste her arousal as it grew with my tongue in her bottom. I wanted to touch her as I tongued her to find her wet despite the fact that she was properly bent over, spanked, and violated with my tongue in her own home, over her own table. I wanted to then turn her and put her on the table with her bottom at the edge, spread and put her legs over my shoulders, and show her what it was like to be eaten deeply and completely, wanting her to feel even more helplessly violated by my mouth. Perhaps even with my fingers as she realizes that I am not doing this to pleasure her, that I am doing it for my own enjoyment. I pictured her gasping and pleading for mercy as she realizes I am not stopping at her orgasm, I will stop when I have reached my fill, until she is exhausted and cannot take any more. As she sat there and talked innocently and unsuspectingly, I pictured her trying to then do something to pleasure me in return, and me telling her no, not yet, that I will choose if or when she is allowed to pleasure me in any way. And then leaving her still soaking wet and exhausted, and telling her that I will be back the next day to give her these things again, I wanted to see the uncertainty and shame in her face with the memory that she had just been bent over, spanked, and shamelessly eaten out to oblivion by her best friend’s husband, on her own dining room table, and despite that, immediately agreeing that she will leave the door unlocked and will be waiting, presenting herself already bent over and waiting for my hand and belt. Just a random unexpected fantasy that has been stuck in my head.

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