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I have an idea for like, writing a book, but the thing is I’ve never read a book so I actually don’t know if I should just see all those tips on the internet and go for it or try reading books and then start

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  • In my opinion, English Classes at school really helped because certain books beat all tips and just have this detailed and rich flow that grasps the reader, but tips from successful writers are really helpful too. I’d say combine the two and do some research whilst reading a few books. I would say go straight into books aimed towards an older audience like 15+ since they contain more detail and non-childish writing styles (which will benefit you and your writing). Make sure to learn a lot of strong words so instead of writing sad go for mournful or crestfallen or melancholy. It dramatically improves your language.

    Keep practising and release little stories open to the public and ask people for constructive criticism liker what your doing right, how to improve, any flaws in your writing and keep practising. This really helped me for English during exams, especially Creative Writing Pieces, which led me to getting an A in one paper.

    A good place to start is Wattpad due to it’s ever-growing, loving community, they’re are books on there that give tips on improving your techniques, you can create your own profile to show others why your on there, your goals and aims with writing (general Bio) and it is free for anyone to join. I love it and even released some books on there. You get to read other growing authors and gain a few friends along the way.

    I hope this helps and have fun on beginning your writing journey x

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    • Thank you very much

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