• 8 months ago

The truth is you’ve tasted her pussy on my cock before. The fantasy is the rest of this.

-You and her double teaming me with strapons.

-you or her fucking me with strapon while the other rides my cock or sucks me off. Maybe reverse cowgirl and kissing.

-fucking either of you while the other eats each others pussy/ass

-anal with either or both of you

-blowjob from one of you after fucking the other

-you two enjoying each others pussies

-you two enjoying each others ass

-both of you pegging each other.

-me fucking her while you lick my balls and eat her out right after I fill her up with cum and seeing you really enjoy eating her pussy.

-you watching me fuck her pussy

-you watching me fuck her ass

-you watching her peg me with a nice big strapon.

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